Learn More About Dental Problems

Common Dental Problems That We Can Help Solve

When we talk about dental problems, we’re referring to any condition that affects oral health, such as tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, infections, tooth erosion, etc. At Absolute Smiles, we care for everyone’s smile for a better future.

Trusted Family Dental Clinic

At Absolute Smiles, we are committed to being a trusted resource for your family's dental needs. The dentists are dedicated to providing quality care that will promote healthy smiles for your entire family.

Friendly and Relaxing Atmosphere

We understand that oral health problems can be stressful. That's why we work to establish a friendly and relaxing atmosphere for all our patients.

Experienced Dental Team

Absolute Smiles is proud to have an experienced dental team who can skillfully address a variety of dental problems and may help you achieve a healthy mouth.

Learn More About Dental Problems

Dental Problems Can Be Detrimental to Your Oral Health

Dental problems can be a real trouble and interrupt work, school, and other daily activities. It is indeed hard to stay focused when experiencing severe pain. Oral health conditions may worsen over time and lead to irreversible damage without treatment. Hence, it’s important to be aware of them and inform the dentist if you notice signs and symptoms.

Absolute Smiles provides a wide range of quality dental services to manage and prevent oral problems. Whether you need basic dental care to more complex procedures like restorative treatments, the dentist in our dental clinic can work to alleviate pain and achieve healthy teeth and gums. Call us at 08 9279 7956 or visit our clinic near Bassendean for a consultation.

Learn More About Dental Problems

Dental Problems We Can Help You With


We can manage bruxism by customising dental appliances, such as mouth guards, to protect your teeth from unconscious teeth grinding.

Bad Breath

The treatment for bad breath may depend on its root cause. Generally, the dentist may perform professional cleanings and include other methods to improve mouth odour and fresh breath.

Bleeding Gums

We can recommend dental treatments such as scale and clean to reduce bacterial growth that causes bleeding. If gum disease is present, we can design a treatment plan to prevent it from progressing.

Gum Disease

The dentist can reduce sticky bacteria that irritate gum tissues through deep cleaning. We may also combine other treatment options to minimise the chance of progression and keep your gums healthy.

Dry Socket

The available emergency dentist can provide urgent dental care to alleviate excruciating pain caused by the problem. We may clean the socket to avoid the risk of bacterial infection and promote speedy healing.

Stained Teeth

Professional teeth whitening treatments are commonly used to lighten the shade of discoloured teeth and result in a brighter smile. We may also recommend dental veneers, bonding, and crowns for other cases.

Teeth Sensitivity

The dentist will minimise the discomfort by restoring the strength of teeth with dental fillings and reducing plaque buildup through scale and clean.

Tooth Gaps

Our dental clinic offers quality cosmetic procedures to cover unsightly gaps between teeth. You can choose from veneers, crowns, clear aligners, or a smile makeover for a beautiful gapless smile.

Bite Problems

Bite issues may cause excessive pressure on jaws or certain teeth. Fortunately, clear aligners and smile makeovers are designed to improve the alignment of the teeth for a healthy bite.

Severe Toothache

We are committed to providing immediate care during dental emergencies, including relieving intense pain in case of toothache. Your dentist will determine whether tooth extraction or root canal therapy is necessary to save oral health.

Crooked Teeth

Our dental clinic is equipped with advanced cosmetic dental treatments, such as veneers and smile makeovers, to improve the positions of teeth and bring back beautiful smiles.

Wisdom Teeth Pain

Absolute Smiles provides gentle dental treatments to manage severe wisdom tooth pain. Our experienced team is also equipped to perform wisdom tooth extractions in a comfortable environment and with minimal pain.

Knocked-out Tooth

A skilled dentist may be able to save the tooth with root canal therapy, which sanitises the centre of the tooth and apply a filling material. However, we can recommend restorative treatments to replace the lost tooth.

Missing Crowns and Fillings

We can assess the affected tooth, protect it from further damage, and replace previous restorations with our high-quality dental crowns and fillings.

Dental Abscess

We offer primary dental treatment for dental abscesses. The dentist may provide root canal therapy to remove the inflamed dental pulp and preserve the tooth. Depending on the case, tooth extraction may be necessary to save dental health.

Chipped or Broken Teeth

We understand the risk of leaving cracked teeth. So, we offer durable dental veneers and crowns to restore them and enhance one's smile.

Missing Teeth

We are proud to offer comfortable, advanced tooth replacements for missing teeth. Whether you need dental implants, dentures, or bridges, it's now possible to regain the smile you've lost with us.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Problems

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Several factors can lead to developing dental problems. Including but not limited to the following:

  • Poor oral hygiene. Good oral hygiene habits are essential for preventing oral diseases. When you skip brushing your teeth, food debris can accumulate and become plaque. The buildup of plaque can turn into tartar, which is more difficult to remove with a toothbrush alone. It can make you prone to gum disease, tooth decay, and other dental problems.
  • Mouth injuries. A sudden blow to the mouth can be traumatic for the teeth. They can fracture, become weak, or even fall out.
  • Excessive pressure. Your teeth are designed to withstand chewing force when eating food. Using them as a tool to open packages or biting down on hard candies can be detrimental. It can cause your teeth to break and chip, leaving them more vulnerable to bacteria.
  • Wear and tear. While a certain amount of wear and tear is expected as we age, certain factors can contribute to increased tooth wear.
  • Dental erosion. Overexposure to acid in the teeth can lead to significant loss of enamel (outer layer) and dentin. There are many causes of dental erosion, including acids in the diet, acid reflux, and certain medications.

Here are some possible ways to protect your teeth and tips on how to prevent dental problems:

  • Practise good dental hygiene. Brush your teeth every day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. You can ask the dentist for recommended oral products to avoid adverse effects. We also recommend using mouthwash and flossing between your teeth to reduce plaque.
  • Eat nutritious food. Have a limit on eating foods that are high in sugar and acid. Instead, eat more healthy vegetables and fruits to strengthen your teeth.
  • Stop poor oral habits. Smoking is not only unhealthy for your teeth and gums but for your physical health too. Ask for professional help to guide you on how to stop such habits.
  • Have a dentist appointment. It’s essential to have your teeth checked and cleaned by a dentist to minimise plaque and monitor their health.

The answer may depend on the kind of dental problem you have. Generally speaking, the following oral health issues require immediate care from the dentist:

  • Knocked-out tooth. Falling out of a tooth may expose your socket to air and debris, which can be painful and prone to infection.
  • Tooth abscess. It carries a high risk of infection that can spread in your mouth and even to your body. Immediate treatment is typically required.
  • Severely fractured teeth (chipped, broken). Badly damaged teeth can allow bacteria to penetrate inside and irritate sensitive tissues. If left unchecked, serious complications may arise.
  • Broken dental appliances or restorations. Dental restorations should protect your teeth, so any breakage can lead to infection risk and aggravate existing damage. If you have metal braces, the loosening part can cut the soft tissues in your mouth.


At the same time, not all dental health issues require immediate care. But, consultation with a dental professional is still important.

Regular dental checkups are necessary to diagnose and address problems that may affect your overall health. If you have an oral problem, prompt treatment may help save your natural teeth. Delaying your dental appointment could lead to permanent tooth loss, and other long-term health issues can arise, which may affect your overall health in severe cases.