Providing Quality and Affordable Dental Care for DVA Card Holders

Recipients of the DVA health card can enjoy their dental benefits at Absolute Smiles. By presenting your DVA health card, you are offered a diverse selection of covered treatments. 

Veterans Can Enjoy Excellent Dental Care

Absolute Smiles accepts the DVA Card as a payment option. All treatments must be verified in order to qualify for either full or partial coverage. For DVA Gold Card holders, you are entitled to all medically necessary approved dental procedures. On the other hand, the DVA White Card only covers service-related treatments.

The DVA dental health program also offers several different benefits to our veterans. Among them are dental implant replacements and denture relining. Two single tooth implants are available every two years if you have lost teeth in the last three years. You can also opt for dentures for your tooth replacement treatment at Absolute Smiles.

Other Payment Options

There are several payment options available at Absolute Smiles for quality dental care. Check out our other payment options.