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Sedation Options in Bassendean

At Absolute Smiles, we understand that some patients may feel anxious about getting dental treatment. We offer several sedation options in Bassendean to help you feel comfortable during your visits.

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Sedation Options

Enjoy a Stress-Free Dental Experience and Get the Care You Need with Our Sedation Options

Dental anxiety is a very common and serious issue for many. Because of this, patients miss out on important dental treatments that could improve their health and quality of life. As a result, their dental problems often get worse, leading to more anxiety and avoidance. Without the proper approach, it can be a vicious cycle.

Sedation dentistry is a great option for those anxious about going to the dentist. At Absolute Smiles, we offer various types of sedation options for our wide range of services. Our experienced team will work with you to create a personalised treatment plan for your needs. So, call 08 9279 7956 today and get the high-quality care that you deserve.

Reasons Why You May Need Sedation Options

You have a fear of dental procedures or visiting the dentist.

Sedation options allow you to receive the dental care you need while feeling more relaxed and less nervous.

You need extensive dental work done.

When you need multiple, lengthy or invasive procedures, dental sedation can help give you a more comfortable experience.

You have a low pain tolerance or sensitive gag reflex.

If you have low pain tolerance or have sensitive gag reflex, dental sedation can help reduce your discomfort so that you can get the dental procedure you need without worries.

You have a disability or special needs.

It may be challenging to receive treatment with a disability. Sedation options can make this possible for you.

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With a wealth of skills and experience in the industry, the compassionate dentists here can provide you with effective sedation options. Your dental health is in good hands with them.

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We use only cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques for sedation dentistry and all our other dental services. This allows us to provide you with safe and efficient care.

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We know that our patients have different financial situations. That's why we offer interest-free payment plans and flexible payment options. This way, you can get the exceptional care you deserve.

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Absolute Smiles offer a variety of flexible payment options because we want you to have access to the dental care you need.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sedation Options

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Choosing dental sedation can be a big decision. Before making a decision, it’s important to understand its advantages. Some benefits include:

  • It can reduce your anxiety and fear.

If you have been avoiding or delaying visiting a qualified dentist because of fear or anxiety, dental sedation can help make you feel more relaxed.

  • It can lower discomfort.

You might be worried about how much pain you will feel during your dental procedure. Sedation can help lower discomfort and make you feel more at ease during the treatment.

  • It can help you remember less about your procedure.

At times, anxious patients remember feeling discomfort or fear during past visits. Sedation can help make you less aware of what is happening, making it easier for you to forget about the procedure.

  • It can reduce the gag reflex.

Some people have a strong gag reflex. This can make dental and surgical procedures difficult and uncomfortable. Sedation can help reduce this, allowing them to get through the procedure.

  • It can help the dentist perform much more quickly.

By keeping you relaxed, sedation can help your professional dentist work more quickly and efficiently. This permits you to get the treatment you need in a shorter amount of time.

Although there are many benefits, it’s important to remember that each person responds differently to dental anaesthesia. It may also not be recommended for everyone. To be certain, schedule a consultation with your dentist about whether or not this is suitable for you.

The three types of sedation- oral conscious, IV, and nitrous oxide (laughing gas)- are safe for patients of all ages. Sedation in dentistry is a well-regulated process; dentists must have training and certification to administer it.

It must be noted that any sedation option has risks to be aware of. These will be discussed with you before your procedure. Your dental professional will help you determine which type is ideal for your needs and situation.

The length of the effects depends on the type of sedation used. For nitrous oxide, the effects wear off after the gas is turned off. After receiving this, the patient will feel a bit disoriented but quickly regain their normal state.

With oral sedation, the pills remain in your body for some time after the procedure. On average, effects may last from two to eight hours after the procedure is finished.

IV sedation generally has the longest-lasting effect. It can last for at least 12 hours, and so, patients will need someone to stay with them for the rest of the day. They can expect to recover within 24 hours.

Dental anaesthesia is usually used for more complex treatments, invasive treatments, or extensive procedures. Here are some examples:


However, it is possible to undergo some of these procedures with only local anaesthesia. Your dentist can advise whether sedation is necessary for your specific procedure.

It is unlikely that you will remember the procedure while being sedated. This is why dental sedation is sometimes called “sleep dentistry.” But, it’s important to know that you will be awake during the procedure.

Patients often feel like they slept through their procedure, with no memory of the dental appointment. They may have some vague recollections at best. They might even struggle to remember how they got home afterwards.

No, you are not allowed to drive after getting sedated. Sedatives can stay in your body for a few hours after the procedure, so you must arrange for someone else to drive you home.

During this time, your reflexes will be slower, and your judgement will be impaired. You will not be in your most alert condition. This can be very dangerous and lead to road accidents. For your own safety and the safety of others, please do not drive for at least twenty-four hours after your appointment.