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Crooked teeth occur when the teeth are misaligned or in incorrect relation to one another. At Absolute Smiles, we can perform innovative dental services to improve the alignment and function of the teeth.

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Crooked teeth are unsightly and can make it difficult to eat properly, as your teeth do not function well if they’re misaligned. Without treatment, it may lead to a number of dental health issues, including tooth decay, cavity, and gum disease.

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Absolute Smiles offers a variety of dental treatments for crooked teeth that may be essential to restore the teeth’s function and promote better dental health. The experienced dentists in our dental clinic will design a treatment plan based on a thorough evaluation, which allows us to deliver quality care. Book an appointment with us today at 08 9279 7956.

Dental Services That Can Address Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth affect not only the function of the teeth, but as well as the appearance of one’s smile. Luckily, the advances in dentistry allow us to perform and provide modern dental services that are more discreet and comfortable in the mouth.

Dental Crowns

These are customised tooth-shaped "caps" that can fit over the entire tooth and protect it from decay.

Dental Veneers

Custom veneers are thin layers shell-like that the dentist applies to the front surfaces of the teeth. This treatment provides minimal protection; however, it can be performed to make your teeth appear straight.

Clear Aligners

They are discreet alternative to traditional braces that are made from medical grade plastics and personalised for every patient. Each aligner gradually moves the teeth in an ideal position.

Smile Makeovers

It's a process that includes two or more dental procedures to significantly alter the overall appearance, which also restores the function of the teeth.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Crooked Teeth

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The following listed below are some of the factors that may contribute to or trigger having crooked teeth:

  • Teeth development. Primary teeth sometimes move into crooked positions because they’re too small to fill the amount of gum space allocated to them.
  • Jaw size. When the jaw is too small, the teeth may not have enough space to fit properly. They start to overlap and crowd each other, which results in crooked teeth.
  • Genetics. Crooked teeth may also run in the families, so if one of your parents or a relative have it, it’s more likely the reason.
  • Poor oral habits. Teeth may become crooked due to thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, or other habits that put unnecessary pressure on the teeth while growing.
  • Malocclusion. Bite problems or malocclusion can also result in crowding and poor alignment of teeth.
  • Injury. A blow to the face or mouth can cause teeth to be knocked out of place. When this happens, your teeth may move towards the empty gap and become crooked.

Your teeth, jaws, and tongue are an important part of your speaking ability. They help you articulate certain words and sounds. However, if the teeth are severely crooked or crowded, it can affect the overall harmony of your mouth. This may cause difficulties with your speech.

Your oral structures change as you age. Hence, crooked teeth may have potential to worsen over time. One of the reasons is the continued growth of the lower jaw and the reduction in the width of space between the lower molar (chewing) teeth.

When this occurs, the lower front teeth can move or push adjacent teeth and exacerbate existing misalignment. It’s important to consult the dentist to evaluate the severity of the problem and determine whether you require prompt management. 

The answer depends on the complexity of the problem. On average, the treatment for minor cases may take 12 to 18 months to straighten the positions of the teeth with clear aligners.

At the same time, much more complicated issues can take 24 months or longer to see improvements. The dentist can give you a more realistic expectation of the duration of your specific case.

When ignored, crooked teeth can cause complications that affect your oral health and quality of life. Some of these can include the following health issues:

  • Tooth decay. Crowded teeth can create crannies or hard-to-reach areas, which makes cleaning your teeth hard. It can allow bits of food stuck and make your mouth prone to decay and cavities.
  • Gum disease. The plaque buildup between teeth can irritate and inflame your gum tissues, leaving you at risk of periodontal disease. If left unaddressed, such a problem may also lead to advance stage or periodontitis, which is a more serious infection that can cause damage to teeth and bones.
  • Digestion problems. When teeth are not properly aligned, it can be not easy to chew food properly, which can impact your digestive process.
  • Wear and tear. Misaligned Teeth can experience more pressure and wear and tear. This is because of their unbalanced positions, which puts additional pressure on each tooth. Jaw strain can also be common that may lead to TMJ disorder.